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    • Can the Tumeric Paste infused in ghee be used for cooking?

    Yes it definitely can, however we add honey to our paste and it’s not recommended to cook honey at high temperatures.  It’s also extra benefit if you put the paste straight in your mouth for high absorption of nutrients.   

    Our Turmeric Paste is actually a supplement and we recommend to take it twice a day for full benefit.  We notice when people use it for cooking, they forget to take it daily.   It’s also very tasty so it’s enjoyable to take by the spoonful.  Another idea is to add to your choice of hot drinks, smoothies and for seasoning your meals. 

    An idea could be to add to hot unsweetened coconut milk with cacao powder and a little extra raw honey to taste for a rich and decadent hot chocolate. 

    I personally love to have it near me when I eat my meals.  That way I remember to take it. 


    • Is it ok to take both ashwagandha and turmeric paste at the same time? I just wondered because they’re almost similar and since there’s a specific dosage on each, I wonder if I would have too much of an ingredient if I take both at the same time.

     No problem to take both at the same time.   

    We recommend to take half teaspoon of Sita's Turmeric Paste twice a day, but most people only need half teaspoon Sita's Ashwagandha Paste a day.Although some people do need it twice a day.   It's okay to take with or without food.


    • Does the unopened Ashwaganda paste have an expiration date?

     After opened and being used Sita's Ashwagandha Paste lasts a year and half maybe longer.  Unopened it will last even longer.

    The ingredients, mainly spices, honey and coconut oil all have a long shelf life. 

    There is no reason for Ashwagandha paste to get spoiled but it can if it gets polluted by a dirty spoon or water.  

    Ashwagandha becomes stronger and more stringent tasting over time.  Some people may think this strong taste is the Ashwagandha Paste going rancid but it's not. 


    • If I used the whole package of 3.25 oz. Hibiscus Tea, how much water would I use? hibiscus tea

     1 whole package of 3.25 oz. of Hibiscus Tea makes about 50 cups/servings or a little over 3 gallons for a strong tea.   For a single cup, you can use half teaspoon of tea.  It gets stronger if you let it sit for a while.  It's also delicious and refreshing for a cold drink.  

    You can also add lemon, orange or ginger.  It's great as a lemonade by also adding raw honey.

    You can drink it full strength and if you like you can save the remnants in the frig and use it for the next day.  It will be weaker but it will be a beautiful color and you can always add lemon or ginger.


    • Can I make an order over email?

     You can always email us to order by sending your shipping information, the products you need, your phone number and we will send you a paypal invoice that you can pay with or otherwise we can call you for your billing information.  


    •  We have enjoyed some of your products... We are wondering the source of the coconuts and where the processing is done for your Coconut Milk Powder.  Also is your Black Seed Oil grown in Hawaii?  It appears you have Black Seed powder that is grown in that correct?

    Yes, like most of our products our black seed (Nigella Sativa) is from the big island of Hawaii. The coconut milk powder is coming from our friends and is a small operation in Maui.  They harvest for coconut water and save the mature coconuts for us.


    • Do you ship Internationally?

     Yes.  The shipping cost for a medium size box (11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2”) which can fit up to 20 pounds of our products can cost around $75 to Germany, Canada and Japan for example.  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding shipping and we'll be happy to help you.  You can call us too and speak with us in person. 


    • Can you take Sita’s Turmeric and Ashwagandha Paste during pregnancy?

    Doctors recommend not to take ashwagandha during pregnancy, however Sita’s Ashwagandha Paste after pregnancy will be very beneficial as it will help with stress, sleep and depression. 

    Turmeric Paste is fine to take during pregnancy.  





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