Why we continue selling at Farmer's Markets?

Selling our products at the farmer's markets on the Big Island of Hawaii is a lot of time, work and effort.  So why do we continue to sell there?
  • People who would never otherwise check out natural remedies or Ayurvedic medicines are introduced to a whole new world.  For some, realizing there are alternatives to pharmaceuticals is a life changer.
  • By introducing this natural path, we encourage our customers to try out a natural way of eating, receiving nourishment from superfoods and medicinal herbs and spices.  Making simple lifestyle changes can lead to personal transformation and improve our quality of life.  
  • We get to know our customers and we love to support them on their healing journey.  We are very thankful to our customers who come to the Farmer's Markets who appreciate us.  And we appreciate them and witness their health and outlook on life improve.

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